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During our 3 months together, you will build the FOUNDATION of your business that you will use time and time again – for this business and the next (you’re a BOSS, we know you’ll build an empire).

You see, that’s the problem with the other programs on the market. They jump right into tactics while ignoring overall strategy…

Savvy CEO School shows you how to build a business that is so rock solid you will be thriving while your competition is still swimming in their sea of ideas and lack of action.

It will allow you to confidently share with pride about your business instead of hoping that no one will ask you that dreaded question, “how is your business doing?”

And unlike an MBA, Savvy CEO School isn’t like sitting in a classroom hoping the teacher won’t call on you. It is bigger than anything you can be taught in school…

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Common Questions

Will it Work? +

If you’re currently listening to an internal monologue that’s looping over and over and sounding a little like this: “Will it work? Is it the right program for me? What if I fail? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried?” it’s time for a breather.

The investment you’re about to make in Savvy CEO School is really an investment in yourself: in your self-belief, mindset and your potential.

We can’t categorically promise that this program will work for you or the level of results you will get – only you have control over that.  What we can promise is that, what we teach in this program has worked for us personally and dozens of people who we’ve worked with since.  What did we all have in common? We committed fully, invested time and energy and didn’t sit around waiting for the success to come.  We know you can do that too!

When will the material be released? +

As soon as you sign up to Savvy CEO School you’ll get instant access to the first and second module. After the first 30 days all modules will be opened up.  We know everyone learns differently so it’s entirely down to you to decide how you work through the modules and fit the work into your business and your life.

What if I am out of town during some of the group coaching calls?

We get it, sometimes something may come up. While we highly suggest that you are there for the live group coaching calls, you will receive every recording as well as have the office hours in the Facebook Group to support you with any questions that you have after the call.

The Next 90-Days Are Busy +

Now look, we could let you use this excuse, but we truly want you to succeed. After all imagine the possibilities of a world full of women who are taking action. There is never going to be a period of 90 days that is “good.” However think about where you want to be on December 31st at midnight. Do you want to be celebrating achieving your goals and reflecting about how strong your business is? Or do you want to be jumping onto the bandwagon of New Year’s Resolutions that (insert #) % of people don’t end up accomplishing?